Royalty with Pecking Bird Box



The Manzar (scene) is captured in the elaborate and bold strokes where the king is offering grass and grains to the bird and the bird caught refusing to peck. The artistry of our craftsman manifesting itself in its grandeur where the king showcases patience waiting for the birds to peck. Add this to your home and let it make a statement of class as it inspires awe and captures hearts.



Delicately hand-painted lacquered Papier Mache box. 



Painted in sober colours depicting a portrait of royalty trying to feed grains to pecking bird, this royal box is a fine representation of the dazzling art of Papier Mache.



Give a treasure box to your child, for those small precious mementoes and knick-knacks. Adorn the table of your loved one with this simply elegant jewellery holder. 


Product Care

Clean it with a soft and dry cloth only. No usage of harsh cleaning agents.