Revived and Crafts Council India Join Hands During the Pandemic To Ensure Artisans’ Livelihood

Crafts Council of India is an NGO and a volunteer-led, not-for-profit organization working towards sustaining Indian crafts and its artisans. Currently, the NGO is upskilling artisan communities to work within the new normal and handholding them following the lockdown woes. In post-pandemic world, the breakdown of physical marketplaces makes the local indigenous artists and artisans heavily dependent on e-commerce.

This year, Surabhi Mittal – Founder of Revived By Surabhi, an initiative that works in bringing work of Kashmiri artisans in the mainstream marketplaces - answered to a call for volunteers at CCI during the pandemic to work with artisans to design new products. The organization specializes in showcasing Kashmiri Papier- mâché, ceramic, brass artefacts and home décor artwork, hence the collaboration with Crafts Council of India was catered to designing as per their product aesthetics and needs.

CCI’s main thrust is providing marketing opportunities for artisans. The marketing support is provided through, training and demonstration of the technology, design intervention, product development and diversification. Their work with the artisans also includes providing them digital literacy to help them increase their products’ outreach.

The marketing opportunities are provided at different levels. Starting with a basic introduction to a city market as a first exposure. Once they go through further levels of quality check, they are exposed to a more discerning market. While indigenous art forms and artisans are struggling to keep their livelihood intact, the collaboration attempts to provide them with a platform where they can flourish in their work and make their products accessible to a relevant and interested audience.

The collaboration between CCI and Revived will continue as a two-way process with different skill sets being used together to achieve better results in this direction.

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