Mutual Passion for Traditions Brings ‘Revived By Surabhi’ and ‘Beej Living’ together

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

A walk down the memory lane when “Revived By Surabhi” and “Beej Living” collaborated in 2018, two revivalist brand champions jibing as a result of their requited devotion to Indian roots and traditional lifestyle.

Beej Living was founded by Neeti Mehra in 2017; a curated platform to promote slow living in India. The concept has emerged as a lifestyle platform that nudges you to live mindfully within contemporary chaos. She highlights brands, people, and a lifestyle, while supporting the cause of conscious, self-aware, and responsible living.

Sharing about this collaboration Surabhi Mittal, founder at ‘Revived’ says, “We constantly experiment with new ways to express value through designs in our crafts. The brand contemporises Kashmiri art forms and has created a new market that aims to sustain its makers. We hope businesses in this industry to provide collaborative opportunities between artisans from around the world to build new design vocabularies based on traditional modes of creation.

Hence, this strikes a chord with ‘Beej Living’ whose work focuses on imbibing and promoting a responsible lifestyle and preserving indigenous traditions.” Refined over centuries, functional designs, complex patterns and harmonious colour palettes - check out the papier- mâché handcrafted box featured here. This gorgeous piece can be used as a jewellery box, letter box and for home or office decoration.

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