Your Convenient Connection to the best of Craft 


Revived by Surabhi prides itself for being an artisan family with rare skillset from the distressed community of Kashmir. We aim to bring the most cherished and glorious childhood back in our lives through paper mache craft and give our valuable customers them the most seamless shopping experience ever. Whether you are looking for the décor of your home, we are your convenient connection to the best of craft, an easy way to get all the beautiful products as easily and hassle-free as possible. There is strength, power and beauty in diversity that translates into our work. The focus is on reviving hand-making skills by keeping traditional techniques alive. Enjoy and experience the beautiful combination of art, colours, patterns that may not traditionally be seen together. The products that continue to distinguish, is the care with which they have been formed, the way they have been made by one human being for another, the use of materials and the insightfulness of these designs