Carved Walnut Wood Box



Intricately carved, classic leaf motif in famous Kashmiri wood carving, this storage box will enchant the look of your dresser. A beautiful rendezvous of engraving and walnut wood comes together in this amazingly crafted jewellery box. The insides of the spacious jewellery box come in a red or blue velvet finish. The wooden box has generous space for all your beautiful trinkets and objects that you hold close to your heart. A side latch on the bottom ensures that it does not open up and keep the contents secure. 



Delicate carving of single piece walnut wood which is the best-known cottage industry of Kashmir.



Floral design made with great accuracy of detail on walnut wood.



Decorative utility box for keeping jewellery, hair accessories and other precious items.


Product Care

Wipe with a damp cloth before buffing with a dry cloth. In the event of more stubborn marks, a solution of mild detergent can be used on the cloth.