"The details are not the details.
They make the design"

- Charles Eames - 

"Revived by Surabhi” is an everyday luxury that is inspired by nature, history, heritage and original design. As the name suggests, the aim is to pioneer in reviving the dying art and dazzle the customers through the handmade products prepared with love. The source of inspiration and the development evolved in Kashmir with the help of a set of award-winning artist who prepares unique and aesthetic products with the versatile material “Paper Mache”. Taking inspiration from the local art and skills of Kashmir craftsmen and the desire of designing unique, aesthetic and luxury products, Surabhi decided to showcase the world with this rare skill of craft. The zeal to take an opportunity to prevent the dying technique of Papier-Mache and keeping hand-made and traditional techniques alive is what led to the label “Revived by Surabhi”

About the Founder

The founder Surabhi Mittal talks about design creativity, experimenting and redefining luxury. Her aspiration is to motivate craftsman, support cottage industry and revive India’s dying art. Giving a window for creating original designs that are captured from the moments in history and today’s life. Alumnus of Maharani Gayatri Devi Girl’s School, Jaipur and University of Arts - Central Saint Martins, London, Surabhi strives to touch the world with her traditional yet contemporary designs


Pursuing Product Design degree from London has offered Surabhi huge amount of opportunity to expand her knowledge, skills and ability to experiment new ways to express her brilliant vision through designing. In order to showcase the craft at a bigger level, she decided to start her design label – “Revived by Surabhi”. Her designing style revolves around strength identification, thought building, nurturing ideas and empowering people. Undeterred by obstacles, Surabhi loves a challenge of the revival of dying art, starting with Paper-Mache technique, the technique which requires skillset and patience which would surely attract the potential consumer at first sight



Our vision is to foster and encourage our country’s artisans and promote collaborative relationships with ace craftsman to provide the best quality designs to our customers. To create a design collection that tells a story of a particular era or tradition or culture in a region across India and touch people all across the globe. To focus on promoting simple craft which has higher luxury feel and usage. Reviving the authentic skills of the craft communities of India and showcasing authentic craft




We aspire to enlighten the people to the existence of the rarest and the finest craftsmanship, starting from India that combines both utility and art infinitely. To create a contemporary and stylish home decor product range which sets high standards for luxury retailers across the globe